Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper
Marble Contact Paper

Marble Contact Paper

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Product Description

💗Marble Contact Paper💗 SIZE – 23.62 X 78.74 inches,Material – PVC,self-adhesive (No extra glue needed).we recommended to purchase a sufficient amount at a time.
💙Marble Contact Paper 💙 FEATURES – smooth surface, oil proof, waterproof, environmental protection, easy to remove residue.You can do DIY splicing .Great for kitchens, bathrooms, home and office applications

Marble Contact Paper

💚Marble Contact Paper 💚 PATTERN – Easy to Cut Into Any Sizes/Shapes ,High quality white with grey textures for a realist feel and look.

Marble Contact Paper💕Marble Contact Paper 💕 TIPS – clean counters with wipes and let it dry completely. After you're done placing the new counter cover, caulk the seams between your backsplash and counter! It looks more realistic and covers any counter that may be visible.Self-Adhesive Creative Covering is instant for your home! 

marble paper

Redefine Your Space

kitchen counter, furniture, notebook, dresser drawer, crafts, bedside table, bookcase, bookcase, door even wall. Suitable for smooth and flat surfaces,Marble Contact Paper is waterproof and oil proof which makes it a must-have product whenever you want to restore old furniture.


very resistant to abrasions. Highly-durable surface is waterproof and fade proof


Helpful Grid Lines & Easy Installation

You will love how this paper is easy to measure and cut owing to the helpful back grid lines.

Achieve your desired look by following the below installation steps:

1. CLEAN: Clean up the surface thoroughly, making sure that there is no dust or debris. Wait the surface DRY completely before the installation

2. Measure & Cut: Cut the film to the desired size through the grid lines. It is suggested to leave 1 inch margins at each side for later adjustment

3. Apply: Starting from one side, peel off the backing gently whilst applying the film to the surface inch by inch (do not remove the entire backing at once)

4. Flatten: While applying the film, use a cloth, a squeegee or a card to remove the air bubbles or bump areas

5. Enjoy: Trim off the margins, enjoy your new gorgeous marble top surface



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